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Balanced Concepts Feng Shui packages:

Residential services:

Your custom analysis of your home using the information from the online questionnaire.feng-shui-res

  • Find the questionnaire that is posted on the site called in Welcome Letter Doc consultation. This will give me the information I need to conduct the beginning of the consult. This will also give me a better idea of what you would like to achieve with your consultation.
  • An in home consult lasts about 2-3 hours depending on the size of your home. When I arrive in your home we will address all the areas of concern. I will help you prioritize what will be of the greatest benefit for long term change. Large homes will require more time and a more extensive conversation.
  • I will need photos of your home and the areas you would like to work on.
  • A follow-up visit is required so we can go over your in-home analysis/report, and for us to collaborate about how to best implement the needed changes to create lasting effects.
  • A written report tailored specially to you and your needs. This will give you an extraordinary ROAD MAP to follow for success.
  • Your report will give you suggestions on how create the environment that you desire.

Commercial services:

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A preliminary phone call or meeting to determine the scope of work.

  • Find the questionnaire on the site for business. 
  • For small businesses, such as home offices or small commercial sites, a one hour consultation is usually all that is required. Larger office buildings or commercial sites require 3 to 4 hours to walk the space and gather the needed goals from all the business owners. Consulting with all the managing partners will help us to work in concert to achieve the goals of the company.
  • A written report of my recommendations and/or a floor plan with recommendations will be provided to your business within two weeks.
  • A follow-up visit 2 weeks later with all the recommendations and way to implement them Corporate Business analysis with Feng Shui:
  • Find the questionnaire on the site for business also see the eBook titled Analyzing the health of your company with feng shui 
  • A preliminary conversation via the phone to determine what your company would like to achieve with feng shui
  • Using the guiding principles of Feng Shui to analyze and diagnose what is in balance in the company, and what is not
  • An extensive look at the flow of the people, the congruency of the office environment with the mission of the company and the site analysis
  • A report of the findings for both your building and the company itself such as the members of the management team as well as the support staff.
  • A tailored program to help your company achieve success

Special New Home analysis for Real estate agents:

Sometimes sellers need to have an outside opinion to give a fresh approach to the way they see their property to create interest for potential buyers.

  • A preliminary phone conversation about your clients’ needs
  • A consultation on site of the property
  • A short report for the property

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