Personal Feng Shui Consulting

Personal Feng Shui Consulting

Is your home balanced or is it blocking you?

finding balanceYour home could be the one thing holding you back from peace, love, happiness and success. Taoists believe that there is a specific current to the flow of life, and when we live in harmony with this Way, we experience abundance, career success, health, happiness, love and success. But when we do not follow this innate flow, we start to have disturbances in our lives. Ancient masters call this the flow of Qi or chi and the Feng Shui of a space. Living in harmony with your space does not mean removing the clutter or placing things in their proper or ”right” place, it is how you align your outer environment with your inner desires to produce tangible results naturally. It involves the intuitive, aesthetic adjustment of visible and invisible objects or factors, realigning all dimensions of the environment into a balanced, harmonious state.

When you live in harmony with your space, it provides the key to most of the things we want in life where you are able to:

  •  Become A Money Magnet
  • Attract Passionate Love
  • Over come Any Obstacle
  • Jump-Start Your Career/ Business
  • Experience Peace & Harmony
  • Cleanse & Remove Stagnant Energy
  • Strengthen An Existing Relationship
  • Get “Unstuck”
  • Create a Peaceful Environment
  • Restore Your Health, Vitality & Energy
  • Be In Harmony With Your Space
  • And much, much more…

Ask yourself, what could you achieve if you lived in harmony with your space? And more importantly, how would it feel to live the life you desire? How would your relationships be? What would your bank account look like? 

An opportunity to experience harmony with your home…

This is your chance to personally work with not just a “Feng Shui expert” or master consultant, but a true Change Agent – From virtual online reviews to live, on-site consultations, Sondra has a Feng Shui consultation option for almost everyone. So if you’re curious to find out exactly what Feng Shui can do for your life, we highly recommend you give it a try.

Just select one of the options below and prepare to make the rest of your life, the best of your life!

An Experience Like No Other:

The On-Site Feng Shui Consultation With Sondra Harper

There’s nothing that can beat walking with me side-by-side, IN PERSON in your own home or apartment. This enables me to feel the energy of the space and how your own chi interacts with it. I’ll come to you and we’ll walk through the entire space together. We’ll map out your space in detail, which will include what you specifically need to live the life you desire. After your on-site consultation with me you’ll have a powerful and complete personal success blueprint that will dramatically take your life to the next level…

How to have the Best Feng Shui Consultation Experience……

Here are a few questions you need to have in your mind for your best Feng Shui Consultation

How Can I Get the Most out of My Feng Shui Consultation?

Be Prepared when your consultant arrives. Make a List of all the area of your home you find Concerning.

When will I notice changes from the consultation? 

This is always up to the client. When Feng Shui Enhancements are implemented the change can be immediate and profound. When advice for a change is given and the client chooses not to implement the changes it may not happen.



** Based in Boulder CO, Denver Metroplex, Sondra works with local, national and international clients.

*** Outside of Metro Area: Additional fees do apply for travel including airfare, transportation, accommodations and expenses

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