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peru 046CMW Finical Irving Texas, Christina Gears owner and CEO said, “Sondra’s consultation and coaching gave me the ability to focus more precisely on my business and understand my employees more.”


Craig Fickle craigerville inc. “After the consultation my ramshackle home became a more coherent field, IT all just seem to come together in a beautiful way.”


Brook Barrows owner of URBAN YOGA Fort Worth, Tx says   “Everyone loves the feel of the studio since your consultation. I am grateful for the changes to the space.  Thank you.”  Urban Yoga | Be the Change| Fort Worth, Texas | A green studio

Ryan Hallford owner of the craniosacral center says:  “I have been working with some of your suggestions, and business is really good!” http://www.craniosacral-center.com


Wow!  I have read many books regarding Feng Shui but having a consultation was super helpful.  With Sondra’s help, I was able to create and implement a feng shui plan for myself and my family.  Sondra listened and responded to our particular needs.  She created a written plan and was available for follow up consultation.  I found her service extremely beneficial.  Thanks Sondra!!! — Michelle


Charlotte Fort Worth, TX:Sondra has given me so much with her consultation.It was easy to follow her strategies for my home. I feel more calm and more peaceful in my home.

 Sondra’s Feng Shui knowledge was amazing.  Her consultation and follow-up were very thorough and educational.  There were quite a few things she wants me to implement and I have my Feng Shui “to-do” list on my desk!  There are quite a few changes I have already done and I have seen significant changes.

The biggest thing she suggested was to pick up and get rid of my clutter.  I am a pack rat and tend to keep everything…after the consultation I understood how clutter just gets in the way with everything and I now have a bag constantly going for things I am getting rid of and taking to the Goodwill store.  That has never happened before.

I have also cleaned off my desk and made it ‘work only’ and I have noticed an increase in bookings with my photography business.  That is great news!  And, when my desk starts becoming the “dumping ground” of everything I make sure to get it cleaned off and back to ‘work only’ mode as soon as possible!

Another thing she suggested was to paint one wall in my office.  I have done that and I LOVE it.  It looks great, but I can just tell it is better for me.

I still have quite a few things on my list to complete, but these things have already made a significant change in my life.

I highly recommend Feng Shui to anyone; especially if it is done by Sondra Harper of Balanced Concepts Feng Shui.

Andrea Pender Photography


Amie Adelman associate Professor University of North Texas says:  “I thought I would let you know that the changes I made in the house have made an incredible difference in my life.”http://www.amieadelman.com


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