Feng Shui House- The Positive Qi

Has a feng shui house ever caught your eye, a home where positive energy seems to flow and the atmosphere seems to be lively and bright? Kan Yu, a better term for the word feng shui, is now gaining steady popularity. In English, it simply means ˜wind-water’. The Kan Yu theory is not a miracle that teaches us how to live life aesthetically, but it is a way to make our life positive by making positive energy flow around us in the environment, thus creating a positive atmosphere.

It is not only an art, but it is related to cosmic energy as well. It is the science of nature and it teaches us that energies prevalent around us can help us lead a healthy and happy life. The philosophy is based on “qi’. Qi simply means energy flow’ or  force of life’. This energy not only helps to improve the quality of vibrations inside the house, but it helps in bringing prosperity, wellbeing and good luck.

It is easy to start the positive flow of qi in your house. You can start by making your house cleaner and tidier. Broken glasses and articles should be done away with. Next comes the living room, which can be made more presentable by hanging picture frames with beautiful scenes. You can also purchase a fish tank with fishes. According to feng shui, it is believed that fishes bring good luck to the house. Keeping the toilet clean and the lid of the toilet always closed can obstruct your money from draining. These are some tips on how to set positive vibrations inside your house.

Kan Yu can be used for anything and everything, for wealth, prosperity, happiness, and health and even for love. It strives to pull the positive qi into your house thus making it balanced and pure. The concept as explained by the Chinese is that it strives to strike a balance between the energies of earth and heaven, synchronizing them to live congruously. This is how the traditional Chinese belief derives itself from “qi’, which is the basic force behind this Chinese hypothesis.

The ancient theory has come a long way in making a home sweet home’ a happy, blissful and vibrant home as well.

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