How To Have Great Bedroom Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a spiritual discipline that is meant to enrich one’s body and soul. It affects both, one’s internal landscape as well as the physical surrounding. It uses natural forces like wind, water and air to nourish one’s body mind and soul. Bedroom Feng Shui is a good way of keeping all the energy in as one tends to spend most of his time in this part of the house.

One of the most important things one needs to keep in mind for a superior bedroom is that fresh air should be allowed to enter the room as much as possible. It is essential that the windows are opened frequently so that the room can be filled with fresh air and oxygen. Alternatively, a good air purifier can be used.

Doing away with television sets and computers, as well as exercising machines in this room particularly is another excellent way of keeping a positive energy from flowing in. Recent surveys show that feng shui energy is ruined when such items are kept in the room. Lights are a major source of energy. Hence, it is essential that proper lighting is present in the bedroom. It is always advisable that the room has different levels of lighting so that they can be adjusted accordingly. Candles are the most appropriate form of lighting in any surrounding. However, precautions must be taken that these candles are not toxic in nature, or they may damage the energy in the room.

Color plays an important role in the proper flow of energy. It is good to use nice colors for the bedroom décor. The best options for décor colors for this room are what are known as skin colors that are pale and soothing to the eyes. Wall hangings are also good for the bedroom. However, the images in these hangings should be chosen wisely as they play an important role in carrying positive energy. A few rules for total nourishing of the body and soul are:
– The bed should be accessible by both sides.
– The bed should never be in a straight line with the door.
– Two bed side tables are always good.

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