What Can Feng Shui Do?

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui has been around for hundreds of years. It revolves around placing items in a certain location so that energy can flow through space in a proper manner. Proper flow of energy brings harmony and balance to everyone living within the home. The genuine practice of this ancient art can be time consuming and complex, but one can use five easy cures without any difficulty.

Here are five easy Feng Shui Cures that you can use in your house today:

Cure One

You should cover or close all the drains within your residence when they are not being used. This includes sinks, basins, showers, and toilets. This cure will keep energy flowing. Open drains allows energy to escape your residence. Escaped chi or energy will not help you or your family.

Cure Two

Position mirrors throughout your office or residence. This will help you see anyone that is approaching you from behind. This tactic prevents people from sneaking up on you. Negative vibes are created when someone sneaks upon you. Your home will also lose precious chi when someone sneaks upon you.

Cure Three

Get rid of excessive clutter. Excessive clutter can block the flow of chi within your house. You can throw extra items away or give them to a neighbor.

Cure Four

Repair all broken items. Get rid of items that cannot be repaired. Broken items are known to hinder the proper flow of chi.

Cure Five

Wind chimes, crystals, and indoor fountains should be placed within your house. They should be strategically placed within corners. Wind chimes are known to propel positive chi. Crystals are well known for attracting warm vibrations. Warm vibrations can enhance the entire flow of chi and open the gates of prosperity. Indoor fountains have a calm and soothing effect on one’s spirit. This is great for anyone who is experiences a rough day.

Feng Shui has been around for hundreds of years. It is an ancient art that is practiced by those who are interested in attaining tranquility and prosperity. The five cures listed above can help anyone improve their lives within a short period of time.

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