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If you are one of many beginners in Feng Shui, here a couple of feng shui tips. If you are also very skeptical if it will actually have an effect in your life, learn about it before actually judging it. Honestly this method will only be able to reach its full potential and will be at it’s best if you to will believe that it is possible. As an avid feng shui believer I myself was also very hesitant if changing the outlook in my life would actually work. Although I told myself that I have absolutely nothing to lose if I just believe.

At first not believing in this techniques power I kept telling myself that it’s just a bunch of voodoo, although my experience with this really amazes me. My grandfather a couple of months ago, seemed to have lost a drastic amount of weight, and at the same time he was feeling like he couldn’t breath most of the time. So we hired a doctor to take care of him, although the doctor said that he was perfectly fine.

Every family member was wondering what was wrong with him. My uncle came from Asia and learned the power that this possesses, and right when he entered my grandfathers house, he was very uncomfortable to how everything was placed wrong. The reasons to why my grandfather was feeling so badly was because all of his furniture was place incorrectly like, while he is sleeping, his bed was facing the stares and his head was facing the toilet. All of these factors are proven to ruin the aura of the home and to possibly kill you.

So knowing that this is true is the best tip of them all. The crazy thing that made me a true believer was that the next day my uncle rearranged my grandpa’s house, he gain weight and was feeling a lot better.

Now his whole entire house’s aura is so relaxing and cozy. If you believe in the power this method possesses, the great power it can change in your life is astonishing.

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