Feng Shui And Relationships: Key To Achieve Balance In Romance

Positive energies play a very important role in the success of relationships. A lot of couples in a bid to sustain the positive vibes in their relationship opt for feng shui which brings about a positive balance in life. Feng shui and relationships have a very close association. In relationships, we try to strike the right balance to ensure its success. Likewise, in this Chinese tradition the objective is to achieve harmony by arranging things around us strategically. It can therefore be used for improving relationships and eliminating the negativities from the house.

According to the principles of this Chinese art, each home has a corner that relates to a certain type of energy including career, love and family. The relationship corner in the house is at the farthest right corner at the back. According to experts, by changing certain items in the relationship corner couples can maintain great relationships and address problems that affect their equation.

Hectic work life and busy schedules are often the major concerns for couples who try to spend more time with each other. To addresses this problem it is recommended to concentrate on the southwest or northwest corner in the house. It further recommends avoiding a toilet in these sections since that can create problems in the relationship. It can also lead to professional problems that affect the relationship in the later stages. The key lies in boosting the energy of these corners. For this, it is best to make necessary alterations in the bathrooms by placing a plant close to them or changing the colors to get positive vibrations.

To prevent health problems, it is recommended to focus on the east section of the house. The east is the prime section of family relationships. Decorating this section in white and metallic items is a good idea to ensure positive energies. It is also important to avoid having a fireplace in that corner since that can exhaust the positive energies and lead to regular fights and disagreements.

Feng shui focuses a lot on using the appropriate items to decorate houses. For the relationship corner, it recommends the use of candles in red or pink, crystals, blooming plants and items that symbolize love to make the relationship successful.

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