What Is Feng Shui-How will feng shui affect your life

It is a commonly discussed subject, but many people still find themselves wondering; ‘What is feng shui?’ Most people are aware that it has to do with arranging furniture, but little more than that. The average person has little insight into the origin or purpose. If the art was understood better, it would be likely to be used more often. With a bit more exposure, the ancient practice can be bringing luck to the masses.

So, what is feng shiu? Explained simply, it is a practice of arrangement that is said to bring a balance of forces and so good luck and prosperity. Positioning includes a variety of items. Everything from item and knickknack placement, to furniture positioning, to the way that the rooms and building itself is built factors in. Every little thing must be put into the right place in order to make the energies of the universe properly.

The practice holds its origins in ancient China. It is an extremely old practice dating back as far as four thousand B.C. It was originally built around astronomy before the magnetic compass was invented. Translated literally into English, feng shui means wind-water. The meaning behind the name is based on the belief that energy travels on air and is stored within water. Placement of items determine the wind and water of a location and thus the way that energy flows.

The practice, in the modern world, is based on a number of factors. First the local layout must be taken into consideration. Physical features of the land factor in. Next is a magnetic reading of the area with a compass. The directions also affect energy flow. Positioning of stars and planets also determines the layout for proper energies. All of these factors help the both the balance of light and dark and the flow of energy in a building.

If less people had to ask the question; ‘What is feng shui?’ the practice may be more widely used. Everybody wants things to be as efficient and comfortable as possible. Any technique that can help improve life’s quality should be taken advantage of both readily and gratefully.

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