Using Feng Shui Can Help Your Yin And Yang

Feng Shui literally means wind and water. It was developed in China over 3,000 years ago and, when practiced correctly, can promote good health and fortune to the people who use it. The Taoist masters believe that everything has energy or Chi.

Using wood, water, fire, earth and metal, which are the five elements, can improve the health of you and your family. The tools that the masters use in analysis are a compass and an octagonal grid. This ancient oracle is called the Ba-Gua and contains I Ching symbols.

Today Western society has embraced the ancient art of Yin and Yang. Donald Trump is a huge fan and hires experts to design his buildings according to the Taoist tradition. Still widely popular in China, Disneyland Hong Kong shifted the main gate to create a place of wealth, fun and happiness.

Before computers came along masters of Feng Shui would visit your home or place of business. They would tell you where to place certain pieces of furniture and give you advice on the structure of your home. If your property lacked wood or fire elements they would recommend items that would increase your prosperity. Today you can improve the energy of your home or office just by filling out your details online. Using a compass and Ba-Gua they can make sketches of your home from photo’s that you scan and send. Experts will suggest changes that can be made to your home almost instantly.

This ancient art takes years to learn. You can buy books and try to do the work yourself, but if you want results you really need to find a knowledgeable Feng Shui master. Knowing what color to paint your walls and what direction your home lies in is extremely important and best left up to someone who knows what they are doing. After your first consultation they can teach you the basics so that you can improve the energy of your entire house. If you have wondered why your home business does not seem to be getting any better or why you cannot keep a partner it may have something to do with the balance of your Yin and Yang.

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